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  All I Do (Is Daydream)   1985

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 "All I Do (Is Daydream) was Walt's first professional Studio Recording and it was on an EP 45 Record under a plain   label using Walt's Birth name of Walter Gaal.  As this was Walt's first attempt at starting a record label, Walt was   caught completely off guard with the whole process, but nonetheless, he was determined to make his label Blue Boat   Records work and he learned a lot about the music business by the time his first album was recorded.  

   Note: The EP 45-RPM Records are no longer available for sale or distribution.


Selections included are 

  "All I Do (Is Daydream) 

  "Red Sun" 

  "My Tears Are Falling"

  Woah Yeah Tomorrow"  

   All selections were written        by Walter Gaal / Walt Winston 

  Published by Wally Goat       Music (BMI)  1988. 

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