Luck Of The Schnauzercaun

 Top of the day...I'm Tiny the mascot of Walteria Records!

    While Walt was away, I managed to come in and cause some Leprechaun mischief.   But now I'm lost and if you can find me on this website, Walt has a reward for you.

Hey Hey I Lost My Dog.jpg

I'll give you a clue.  On one of Walt's early albums, he knows where the Leprechaun lives and found that there's no pot of gold, but you'll find me there anyway!

 All you have to do is find this picture of me.

  I trusted a Leprechaun who promised me lots of doggy treats and instead he put me here. 

 I learned that the Leprechaun lives with a rainbow.  But he also found me napping under a tree when he lured me away.

 In this website, when you see me, please click on my picture and you would get me home to Walt and you get the reward of a free song,

 "Hey Hey, I Lost My Dog".     

  But if you find me, I'll be back with Walt, and all will be well.     

  Your friend, Tiny.