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Tiny's Corner

Tiny's Gallery....

 Tiny our newest addition to the Walteria Records Family, is happy to be here and we're happy that we adopted him.  While he isn't posing for pictures, he's happy playing with his many doggie toys.   His hobbies are chasing a red dot, playing outside in his yard area, as well as chasing his toy doggy balls, and watching the Animal Planet Channel.  Tiny also loves to be mischievous once in a while, but that's okay, he's young, and he always wins by playing the cute card very well. We have more pictures will be coming soon.

Hey Hey I Lost My Dog.jpg
Tiny - March.jpeg
Tiny - July-August 2022 pic nearly a year old.jpg
Pawprints - Walt Winston
Walteria VIdeo

Pawprints - Walt Winston

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