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  Walkin' Down The Highway      (2000)


 "Walkin' Down The Highway, was Walt's second solo album ever released.    

 Walt was busy with his radio career and was still learning about the music business and

 finally found a way to release his new music.   He learned how to make MP3 files and from

 there he also learned how to create a website.   On this album there are 13 tracks,and   this was the first "Walteria Records" Produced album in house. and 

 All were written and produced by Walt Winston and Published by Wally Goat Music (BMI)

 (P) (C) 1985, 1999, & 2000.

 Tracks listed are... 

 "Walkin' Down The Highway"

 "When I Have The Time, I Never Seem To Have The Money"

 "Larry's Gone Postal!" 

 "Is Our Love Really Over?" 

 "I Wonder Why"

 "Look Around"

 "Santa's Gone Postal!" 

 "Toddler's & Puppies" 

 "Life's Flown By"

 "Red Sun" 

 "I Know Why You're So Down"

 "Words, Thoughts, & Deeds"

 "Hey, Judy Bunny!"


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