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Why am I here?  
Well, If you wound up here...


 It's Because Tiny did his job!

    Good boy Tiny!


We at Walteria had to make some changes in our security

because of one user's bad behavior, we had to make some changes.

We welcome visitors, but now we have to ask for information we would rather not have or want but it is for your safety as well as ours here at Walteria.

WE are sad to say we now have to do this after a stalker had stalked one of our team members and the matter is now under state and Federal investigation.  We are taking other measures to ensure safety of or visitors, customers and staff.

When this stalker is captured, this page will no longer be necessary.  

We are offering a $250 reward for any information that leads to the arrest and conivction of the stalker.

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