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  Greetings Walterians:  Now we have on our website...

  Walteria Radio!    You can hear some of our music right here...

Welcome to Walteria Records Website!

    We at Walteia Records, are growing and expanding!

 We are opening a new division called Walteria Press.

 We are publishing E-Books, as well as our Walterian

Music!  Our first book is called "Carnival Of Insanity"

You can find and buy the E-Book in our Walteria Press

page of our website, just in time for Walteria Day which

 is July 1st!  


 NASA reports, it has discovered a new planet nearly

twice as far out in the Solar System as Pluto.

  NASA said, the planet now called Eris, is roughly 

larger than Pluto and may have frozen methane on the

surface.  The International Astronomical Union has renamed the planet Eris after the God of discord. The

moon has been renamed Dysnomia.  The dwarf planet

takes about 560 years to orbit the Sun and is an area

known as the Kupier Belt outside of the planet Neptune.



       Walteria Records announces Two new albums right here on Walteria Records, titled "Walt's Greatest Hits

Fans Choice Parts 1 and 2.  Bonus Tracks have been

added as "Free Downloads!"   Check them out!

   Here, at Walteria Records, we still believe in music albums can be custom made and custom sold, where, every single is available off of every album we sell.  That's been our philosophy, since our website began in the year 2000.   We were the first label to offer music online as well as in person.    Soon, all of our music by our artists will be available for sale and now, you're able to buy the music right here directly!


Walteria Radio - October

 Greetings Walterians:  Now   we have on our website...

  Walteria Radio!    You can   hear some of our music right   here...