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 A Special Word From Walt

  My dispute with the Mehlville School District 


As some of you know, there is a dispute between us that I didn't want or ask for.

   I had no choice of where I was to go to High School, and with my accomplishments, had I graduated from anywhere else, I would have been honored instead of shunned.  The district decided to create an Alumni Hall Of Fame, which I and my supporters feel I belong there, especially with the impact I had around the world.

My dispute started when I was a student at Mehlville High School back in 1980, after a relative of mine was raped by Four St. Louis County Police Officers, and I was the victim of police harassment while I was a student there, protesting police brutality as a 15 year old student!

  The officers were never held accountable for the rape nor were they ever held accountable for harassing a juvenile who had no criminal record whatsoever.  High school was hell school for me, and after the constant bullying, and rejection I had to endure, I put the ultimate dagger, in their heartless, hearts, by graduating from that school that treated me very badly.    

     Let's fast forward to 2019, nearly 40 years later, and the district has an alumni Hall Of Fame for the alumni.   One would think with the things I've accomplished I would have been inducted right?  No. Just like the powers that be did back then, here I was excluded again, like I was back in my day as a student..

  I disputed the vote and I was met with hostility online by the leaders of the Alumni Association, one of which I did business with over four decades, and I will gladly share their Facebook private message, from them to me if need be, as unlike the district, I have nothing to hide!  Sadly, that alumni threw away four decades of business.

    So let's review the accomplishments here since, the district, will not even discuss these accomplishments, that I achieved after graduating from Mehlville in 1983.

     I began my radio broadcasting career in 1986 after I graduated from Broadcast Center and Maryville College.  I put myself through college while working 55 hours a week at The Billie Goat Hill Saloon on 39th and Chouteau, in a rough part of St. Louis, and would ride a bicycle to Clayton, Missouri, with a dream of leaving the ghetto, where I was living, and I vowed never to return to my hometown, until I achieved something special.

**1986 - At The Covington County Fair, in Andalusia, Alabama I finished in Third place with my performance of the single "Red Sun" which was on the A side of the EP-45 RPM record I had recorded in St. Louis one year prior.

1988 - Performed at the Bastille Days Festival in St. Louis, Missouri and was featured on the 6 PM Newscast on television station KSDK in St.Louis.  Was seen performing the Beatles single "I'll Follow The Sun" 8/20/88

** 1998 -  As a Journalist and sportscaster, I had broadcasted the first Professional Roller Hockey Broadcast in the Commonwealth of Virginia back in 1998, as the Voice Of The Virginia Vultures.  I am in the process of uploading these broadcasts on this website. This work could get me inducted into the Radio Broadcasting Hall Of Fame with a nomination.  I can legally upload a small portion of that broadcast even though Major League Roller Hockey is a defunct league< I'm looking into the legality of uploading the entire broadcasts of both games I had done on the radio at WBBC Bobcat Country in Blackstone, Virginia.  If the station allows for the entirety, then I can proceed at uploading the broadcasts.

** 1999 as a Radio Broadcaster / News Director while at Beach 104 WCXL on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, I was covering Hurricanes Dennis, Floyd, and Irene, and I was interviewed by telephone by

Good Morning America, and Jody O'Donnell, who is still working there could probably verify this had indeed happened  I kept the station on the air while the storms had hit the Carolinas by using the station's generator.

 **1999 - performed the single "I'm Sailing Away..." on a Hurricane Relief telethon performance helping with Hurricane Relief efforts there and there was a photograph of the performance taken by an Outer Banks Newspaper in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina.

**2000 - As a Sports Play by Play Announcer, I broadcasted an Oakland A's Spring Training Baseball Game as I worked at an Oakland A's Affiliate at KRKC in King City, California in March of 2000.  Again I have the tapes and will upload a portion the broadcast to keep in compliance with the rules about copyrighted broadcasts by Major League Baseball, so I can't upload the entire broadcast but I have the tapes to prove I did this.

**2000 - Performed at the Salinas Valley Fair as a solo act.  Pictures are here on this website

**  2000 I had worked as a Sports reporter at KRKC, and I had covered the Sharks vs Blues playoff series in the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, in San Jose at the Sharks affiliate radio station KRKC.  It was there I met with the Blues Ownership, before Tom Stillman bought the team, and I had interviewed, for the soon t be open, Blues Play by Play position, but was not hired, as I only had Roller Hockey experience and lost the gig to Chris Kerber their current play by play announcer.  No worries, I'm happy that Chris got the position and I'm a big fan of his.  

** 2001 performed music, with my band The Waltles, at the Salinas Valley Fair (A major state fair in California) I have pictures to prove this and one of them may already be on this website.  The Waltles were the opening Act for Denny Laine the former Guitarist for Paul McCartney & Wings.  

**2002 Performed at the Salinas Valley Fair with my band The Waltles and that performance of two of our singles is on YouTube and it can be seen there.

**2007 at Lovelock, Nevada, My band (Walt Winston & The Cigarettes) opened for Mark Chesnutt at the Lovelock Frontier Freedom Festival as the first band to ever perform there.   We played 20 minutes with no set up time and got a standing Ovation after performing my original single, "Paper People" Chris Noblin was interviewed that evening by KCUB Radio in Lovelock, Nevada

**2007 on My band earned our first online number one hit with "Man Of Many Faces" years after my band had officially disbanded.  The listing is on this website, and I have the charts which were seen by the producers of the television program "America's Got Talent!" 

**2008 January 28- February 11 On I became the Number One Folk Music Artist in the world by conquering all four of their Online charts representing four different countries, I was Number 1 in the UK, Germany, Mexico, and the U.S. at the same time for two weeks!

**2008 February I had auditioned for America's Got Talent! for the first time and was selected as an Alternate out of their Dallas, Tx audition for the producers.  I did not play for the judges then.

**2010 November, in Chicago, Illinois, I had auditioned for America's Got Talent! and made the cut for the judges round to be in the Top 400 out of 25,000 acts.  

**2011 March I had performed for the judges for America's Got Talent!  I performed the Online #1 Hit

Single "Truck Drivers Aren't Supposed To Cry!" and Because of royalties I would earn, I was eliminated. 

The performance aired in June of 2011, in Six Different countries on Four different continents with an audience of 14.67 Million viewers in the United States alone, and another 9 to ten million in five other countries, and Hulu Networks.  I was the first contestant from the entire St. louis, Missouri Metro area to be a contestant on the program!  That was one year before America's Got Talent! even came to the Gateway City!

Yes this Mehlville Alumni achieved that, and yes I am a St. Louis City Native!  I have the royalties statements to prove this and they were submitted to the Hall Of Fame Committee, only for them to be voted "No" time and time again.   

**2012 March I was invited back to "America's Got Talent!" for my second performance, this time in my hometown of St. Louis at the Fox theatre with my wife to be at that time on the stage, my son was backstage with Nick Cannon, and I performed a new Online Number One Hit Single "Have You Seen My Heart" This performance was seen by 3,000 people in attendance, but was not aired because of the royalties I wound up earning from the season before.   Again, I can show a picture proving I was there with my contestant number.

The contest allows only original material if it charted anywhere in the Top 40 on any chart like I did before in the prior season!    I was one of 75,000 acts that auditioned along with my former bandmates who did not make the cut, nor did my son who had also competed against me to get to the Top 400!  I made the cut for the second time.

***   132 Online Number One Hit Singles a record that may never be broken!  I have the Charts and the Emails to prove this for anyone who wants to see them.  All number ones are listed on this website.

*** My current single "Time For Love Again" peaked at Number 9 Globally on the ReverbNation Global Folk Music Charts, as well as #7 Nationally on The ReverbNation U.S. National Folk Charts, and once again the district as well as the Alumni Association will not even talk about my accomplishments so I've posted them here so the world can see these things as well as those who know me have seen them in person.

   These are the achievements that the district and the alumni Association refuse to talk about on their Facebook pages or posts.   Not bad for an autistic person from the ghetto of St. Louis!     

     That's where the dispute is at this point!  

    To see the pictures of proof, click on the "Pictures as Proof" button on the right and you will see the pictures taken for my proof.


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