40th Year As A Performer!

ST. LOUIS - In April, Walt Winston celebrated starting his 40th year as a 

 performing artist playing his guitar back in 1981 when he got his start at

 his high school performing in the hall ways before classes early in the   morning.   When asked about the milestone, Winston told the Walteria News

 Network: "I've come a long way since my days playing at Mehlville High

 where I actually got my start."  "It's been a memorable journey from the

 halls of my high school, to seedy bars and nightclubs in St. Louis to opening

 for Denny Laine, and Mark Chesnutt, then on television for America's Got   Talent!  A year later I reached the pinnacle of my performing career as the   top of the   bill in my hometown in front of 3000 fans."   "if anyone would   have told me back in 1981, that I would have earned over 100 Online     Number One Hits, performed three times on television, playing for over 12

 million people the third time on television, I would have told them they're

 crazy, as I never imagined I would do any of these things."