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Tiny-Time Book Now Available!

ST. LOUIS - Tiny, the mascot at Walteria Records, is the main character in a brand new E-book titled

"Tiny Time - Tiny's Little Big Adventure"  was finished ahead of schedule, and yes there will be a sequel!   The Sequel is tentatively titled

"Tiny Time: Twin Trouble" That book is halfway completed and could be released by the Fall of 2024, putting the Second Rainbow Jack book on hiatus again, temporarily. The Rainbow Jack book was started but is on hiatus, until the Second Tiny book is finished.

  "Tiny Time" is a G rated book about the Miniature Schnauzer puppy who finds a special dog collar that gets him into all kinds of trouble but not for what he does, but because he found and is wearing the collar, which was lost by international criminals.  You can read about Tiny's travels across the globe, as he, and his humans, are on the run from the criminals, that are trying to pursue them.    Tiny Time, Tiny's Little Big Adventure is Now Available on this website under Walteria Press and look for Tiny Time

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