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 Pictures as Proof

Here is some of the photographic proof of some of the accomplishments listed on the prior page, Mehlville won't talk about on Facebook or anywhere else.

Broadcast Tapes.jpeg
Broadcast Tapes from KRKC when I Broadcasted A's and the Vultures Games tapes at WBBC
1998 WBBC, & 2000 KRKC Respectively. On the right
 Down Below, the plaques which 
 represent each Online #1 Hit
 Single I've achieved.  
Press Passes .jpeg
My Number One Hits.jpeg
Press Passes, I was
issued when I was a
News Reporter. 
From Top left
Mid State Fair Pass 
in California,
Richmond Braves
Press pass, 1998.
NHL, San Jose 
Sharks Press passes
When they played the Blues in 2000,
Three Presidential
Passes, Interviewwing
Presidents Bush 41
and Bush 43, Bill
Clinton, and VP Cheney.
 Oakland A's Gameday pass in
Spring Training
Christine and I.jpg
 Season 7 America's Got Talent!
picture in St. Louis, Mo. 
The Waltles at The Salinas Valley Fair 2002.jpg
The Waltles at The Salinas
Valley Fair in 2001 opening for Denny Laine.
 Below Walt performing
 in 1999 for Hurricane
 Relief in Kill Devil Hills
 North Carolina
Season 6 America's Got Talent!, Minneapolis, Minnesota 2011
one Mehlville Alumni, said this never happened  She missed what 14.7 Million Americans saw along with around 9 million others saw around the world on four continents, six different countries!
Walt At The Fair 2001 - alternate pic.jpg
 Walt performing at The Salinas Valley Fair in 2000!
Walt in 1999 telethon article.JPG
Folk Charts 9-22-11.JPG
A Chart with Walt at #1!  Some critics including, a Mehlville Alumni, claimed "This never happened!"
This #1 was performed on America's Got Talent! in
St. Louis on Season 7 in which he was not televised due to royalties he would have earned along with his
Season 6 appearance in which he earned royalties from the performance.  In Season 7 at the Fox Theater, 3000
were in attendance, saw his  performance at the very end of the show, as Walt was Top of the Bill in his hometown.  The Chart was from Acoustic charts in September of 2011!  
Walt Winston concert AGT Season 6 - 2011.jpg
Walt as a member of the Mehlville Chess Club in 1980,
starting to wear his Beatle haircut, on the left, on the right, Walt 31 years later wearing his leather jacket on America's Got Talent! Season6! Different jacket but same leather look.
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