"Rock-A-Bye Dingbat!" To Rock Indie Network June    12th!

 The Walteria News Network is reporting that Walt Winston will be

 featured on June 12th on the Indie Network, with his Online #1 Hit

 Single "Rock-A-Bye Dingbat!" for its upcoming Network Radio and Television show that will be airing in Europe mostly and other areas of the Globe.  Winston has his biggest following in Eastern Europe. 

  The feature will be the first ever for Walt Winston since his appearance on the  NBC/Universal Network TV Show America's Got Talent! back in 2011.  The feature was part of the agreement reached between Winston and the Indie Network, who had high praise for Winston and his music.  

   "We are pleased to confirm that your material is of high standard and fully corresponds to our partner's targeted audience"

 Winston had this to say to the Network on Monday.."For me, It's a significant break to be featured on a global platform once again!"

  This is the first time that I'm finally being featured on such a platform." "This is a game changer!"