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  ST. LOUIS - A new Walt Winston album is now available on this website!

The new album is titled "Soap Opera" which is now AVAILABLE here as well as on iTunes and other web providers.

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   Changes are being made at Walteria Records once again.

 This time Walteria Records, has changed distributors, and will no longer use ReverbNation as our distributor.  After this latest delay with iTunes, with our "Caffeine And Nicotine - Overdrive" release, We at Walteria Records, felt this was the last straw.  We simply were not getting any answers from either Apple or from ReverbNation, and when we learned the tech support for ReverbNation was no longer available, Walteria Records had decided to search for a new distributor, and have reached an agreement with TuneCore out of New York City.  

   Walteria Records CEO, Walt Winston had this to say about the decision.  "TuneCore made us an offer we couldn't refuse."  "We didn't take this decision lightly, and at the same time, I wasn't looking to cut our costs but businesswise, this was very cost effective, and we will actually reach more markets at far less costs than what we were getting with ReverbNation."  "We will finally reach the Australian market for the very first time, as well as extending our reach into Eastern Europe where the core of our fan base is actually from."  "If TuneCore Can get us on iTunes, in a timely manner, as promised that will be worth it to us in the long run at Walteria."

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