Scam Ring Discovered In Florida, We Found It! 


 ST. LOUIS -  A telemarketing scam ring has been has been found

and reported to the authorities by The Walteria News Network,

and we will tell you where they operated from and the name of the business that allowed the scammers to operate.

    We are sure you've had those annoying scam calls that either

say nothing when you answer or they will tell you to press one if you are in California, and press two if you do not.    To the scammers,

those prompts did not matter.  Nor did it matter to them that you tell

them you are on the do not call list.   Now we at the Walteria News Network found where they are hiding and we will tell you what we learned.   From our bureau in Illinois, we found that the business in

question is known as IP HORIZON, located out of two addresses in Boca Raton, Florida.   One office is in the 7700 block of Congress Avenue, and the second office is operating out of the 1200 Block of

South Rogers Circle also out of Boca Raton.   We first reported the

calls back in November of 2019 and had received over 470 of these

calls by an American Caucasian Woman who identified herself as

Christine.   She posed as an agent with either Senior Health Services, or as a representative of Insurance Services and in a few instances, she claimed she sold Extended Auto Warranties, and even changed her speil, when she was confronted by our reporter at the Walteia News Network.    

     There have been no arrests made in the complaints so far but

we can and will charge them with violation of Illinois, Stalking, Harassment and even Cyber-stalking Laws, here in Illinois where

our offices are located.   Those charges are on top of the federal

laws involving stalking, harassment, and violation of the do not call list.   IP Horizon would not co-operate with our investigation when

we confronted them and we told them about the harassing phone calls we were getting and found this information from our service provider when we reminded them that the carrier was the only entity that had our information, and apparently the carrier gave our

information to IP Horizon.   When our network produced the numbers that we received the calls from, a tech named Eugene, informed us

that indeed it was their client who was making the calls.  in the last 30 days we have listed 35 different numbers and we reported these to the local police department who would not act until we had an event number from the Boca Raton Police Department and the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department.   

  The Walteria News Network reported IP Horizon to the Florida Attorney General's Office and the agent we spoke with informed us

that IP Horizon had dramatically changed its website after we reported the scammers to the AG's Office and we will share the pictures that we have here.   After about fifty of the calls we had contacted the FBI which refused to investigate let alone make any arrests because they along with the Justice Department were too busy trying to unseat a duly elected President Trump instead of performing their basic duties to investigate Federal Crimes.  It took the investigation of this News Network to find the scammers and we hope they will be brought to justice.  But if they are not, here is the information we have uncovered and We The People May have to show the Justice Department how the job is done by prosecuting this buisness outselves by exposing the criminals that operated out of their facility using the services IP Horizon provided the scammers. And I will remind them if they try to sue me or this network, I will remind them that I was the victim of their criminal activities that IP Horizon allowed to happen from their offices.  The Boca Raton Police Department is investigating the case which has now been upgraded from civil to Criminal!    All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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In the left was the original information we found with their address listed at 7700 Congress Avenue, Suite 3214, Boca Raton, FL

33487 On the Right their address changed after we had reported our findings to the Florida Attorney

1200 S Rogers Circle, Unit 6 in Boca Raton, FL 33487