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The History of Walteria Records

      On July 1, 1984, Walteria Records was founded as Blue Boat Records.   Blue Boat

 was founded in a basement apartment in South St. Louis, while I was a student in 

 college, learning Journalism.   A year later we celebrated our first release on an

 EP-45 vinyl disc titled "All I Do Is Daydream"  recorded at Premier Film and

 Recording, The EP was popular on a juke box at the Billie Goat Hill Saloon at the time   and lasted until the Saloon closed its doors  in the late 1990's.  

     in 1987, Blue Boat planned its first studio album release with the running title to be

 "Knock At My Door" I had recorded some of the basic tracks at home and then in 

 early 1988, The final tracks were recorded at Technisonic Studios in St. Louis and 

 the title became "I'm Sailing Away..." The album was a limited release of only 100

 copies on cassettes only, which sold out rather quickly.   However, the studio lost

 the masters after we ordered additional copies.   It was at that point, we decided to

 do all of our recordings in house, and not trust anyone else to the process.

   In 1994, we rebranded our label, and changed the name from Blue Boat Records, to Walteria Records.  in 2000, we purchased our first computer and we rebranded our label.  It was then we came up with our slogan, as "Walteria Records - A One Of A Kind Record Company!"  We were the first label to make every single available on each and every album or even make special albums on Compact Disc, as we made quote "A La Carte" albums knowing not everyone was going to appreciate, everything we do or did at the time and thus history was made.   

    In 2004 we decided to do everything online with MP3 files and stopped producing

 Compact Discs in 2011, except for radio stations only that were on our list.  

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