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           Live At The Salinas Valley Fair            2002

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The Waltles revamped their lineup for this big concert for the Northern California's Fab Three of Monterey County.  The Waltles became the most popular anglo band in Northern California in 2002 after Rick Lenatra left the band and James Vincent was brought in on Lead Guitar, Walt Winston moved over to play bass, and Pat Shout remained as the drummer.  Their Manager Roy Kearsley secured the gig along with Winston for the band.  Winston had played there the prior year at the fair.     These seven tracks are available here.   All selections written by Walt Winston and published by Wally Goat Music (BMI) 1988. 1993, 1994, & 2002.

 "Knock At My Door"

 "Paper People"

 "Black & White"

 "Man Of Many Faces"

 "Before The Fall"

 "I'm Sailing Away..."


WR027A - The Waltles Live At The Salinas Valley Fair booklet_1.bmp
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