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 Give Me An Hour                              2023

  "Give Me An Hour" is the 60th solo album recorded by Walt Winston

 This album has 13 tracks, including a mixture of older and newer album tracks.

WR590- Give Me An Hour - Walt Winston - Album_1.jpg

 Selections include:

 "Give Me An Hour"

 "Now That I Found Her - Radio Edit"

 "Hey, Judy Bunny"

 "Take My Hand Or Go Back Home"

 "Before The Fall"

 "How Will I Know"

 "Tell Me Why (Can't I Have You?)"

  "I Fell In Love With The Avon Lady"

 "Alcoholic Dreams - 2022 mix"

 "I Know Why You're So Down" 

 "Give Me An Hour - Alternate Take"

 "Tis' The Season To be Stupid"

 "Every Little Lie - 2022 mix"

All selections were written, recorded,

and Produced By Walt Winston

and Published by Wally Goat Music

 (BMI) 2023.


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