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Walteria Press E-Book Store Established

Welcome to the Walteria Press E-Books site!

This is a Brand New Feature of our website!  Walt Winson, is now an author. His E-Books will be available online here.  He's working on a series of books that can be directly bought here on this page.   Walt's Newest Book is now available, titled, "Tiny Time, Tiny's Little Big Adventure!"   About a dog named Tiny who becomes wanted by everyone over what he found.

Walt's first book, "Carnival Of Insanity" talks about his harsh beginnings to where he is today!   

 Walt's latest works are the first in a series of the Rainbow Jack Trilogy are   now available!  There are two versions of this book,  One is for mature readers only which is titled "Rainbow Jack, The Cleansing Power Of The Rain"

  The second version is a cleaned up version titled:

 "Rainbow Jack, The Rain Cleanses"

All sales are final! 

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