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Walt Winston To Perform at a Special Benefit Jam Session For Waltle Chris Noblin

ST. LOUIS - The Walteria News Network reports,  there will be a special benefit

Jam Session will take place on May 13th at BB's  Jazz, Blues And Soups, located at 700 S Broadway, in St. Louis, Mo. The benefit will take place  from 2 to 6 pm on Saturday, May 13th.     Walt Winston will be performing there in a limited capacity

to help his fellow Waltles bandmate with his funeral expenses.  

    Smokestack Lightning leader, Jim Strickland, who played alongside Chris Noblin in Smokestack Lightning, along with Chris Noblin's Widow, Jennifer Rhea are hosting the event as is Bud Rager.   

     There will be a silent auction as well as a possible 50/50 raffle, and the cost to

attend will be $20 at the door.   There will be a few Smokestack Lightning items as well as Waltles items with Chris Noblin appearing on the CD's that we at Walteria will provide for the event.  

Two new Walt Albums Finally Released

ST. LOUIS - After a lengthy delay and security issues, two long awaited albums have now been released here on this website.   The albums "Castle Of Solitude: A Tribute To Chris Noblin" and "Revenge Of The Dingbat" were released on February 22nd here on Walteria Records website.    

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