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 Tiny Eliminated From America's Favorite Pet Contest

ST. LOUIS - The Walteria News Network reports its mascot, Tiny's great run in the 

 the contest for America's Favorite Pet! In the Dog division ended as he was

eliminated in the second round of voting, falling just a few votes short of making his goal!   

Last year Tiny, finished in sixth place overall for the State of Illinois or possibly

the Midwest Region.  He was just a few votes short of getting to the National finals

in the Dog division.   Tiny has some very tough competition, but we believe Tiny

has what it takes to be America's Favorite Pet! 

  Tiny took his elimination in stride, still wagging his tail, and continuing to enjoy

his treats, and many toys he loves to play with on a daily basis.

Two new Walt Singles Coming Out!

ST. LOUIS - Walteria Records announces two singles from

the past are finally coming out online to ITunes, and 23 other web providers in late February.   The singles are

the original recordings from the first album,

"I'm Sailing Away..."   The title track in its original form

will make its long awaited debut, and 'Every Little Lie" from that same album will be out around February 28th.  

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