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 Psychedelic Folk             2007

 In late 2006, The St. Louis lineup of the Waltles had reunited and were wanting to record some new music and recorded a few new singles, one of which peaked at #1 On The's Folk Music charts..."Man Of Many Faces"  That single was their debut single online and originally peaked at #11 on its first run online at and a few months later, the single did peak at #1.  Not bad for a band that disbanded a few months later.  

  With the original lineup of Winston, Noblin, & Eastabrook these singles were recorded and released.

"Man Of Many Faces" (Winston)

"Feeling Free" (Noblin - Winston)

"You're Gone Again" (Winston)

"Softly, I Leave You" (Noblin - Winston)

"Good Morning World - 2007 mix" (Winston)

"The Final Goodbye" (Winston)

"Won't You Hold Me" (Winston)

"Black Upon Black" (Winston)

"You Can't Live Here" (Winston)

"Good Morning World - original mix" (Winston)

 All selections were Published by Wally Goat Music (BMI) 2007

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