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Slight Of Hand                        2021

 "Slight Of Hand" is Walt Winston's 50th Solo Album, and his

20th I-Tunes album after his appearance on the NBC Television   Program "America's Got Talent!"  

  All Selections were written, recorded, and produced by Walt Winston, and Published by Wally Goat Music (BMI) 2021

 Titles Available are....

 "Slight Of Hand" 

 "I Know She Don't Love Me No More"

 "Look Around"

 "Until We Meet Again"

 "No No No No - 2021 Mix"

 "A New Boy Came To Town"

 "My Little Dingbat"

 "I Remember When, I Remember Then"

 "Hands Of Time"

 "People Talking No One's Listening"


WR460 - Walt Winston -  Slight Of Hand_1 (2).jpg
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