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 20 Years of Memories            1981-2001


 20 Years of Memories is Walt's Fourth solo album.   It's a collection of the best hits from Walt at the time this was released as these hits were favorites of his audience at the time he 

 would take the stage and play live either as a solo act or as a member of The Waltles.

 All selections were written, recorded and produced by Walt Winston and Published by

 Wally Goat Music (BMI) 2001    Tracks on this album include


 "Woah Yeah Tomorrow" (1977, 1991)

 "How Will I Know" (1983, 1988)

 "My Tears Are Falling" (1985)

 "Red Sun" (1984, 1985)

 "I'm Sailing Away..." (1988)

 "Every Little Lie"  (1988)

 "Knock At My Door" (1986, 1993)

 "Tell Me Why Can't I Have You" (1991)

 "Somewhere In St. Louis" (1986, 1993)

 "When I Have The Time" (1994) 

 "Walkin' Down The Highway" (1994)

 "Toddlers & Puppies" (2000)

 "March Of The Paper People" (2000)   

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