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              Happy Birthday Tiny!





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It's Tiny Time!     Tiny Time Book Out!

 On August 14th , Tiny turned two years old, and celebrated with presents, some extra treats, and a small party with his human friends.  

  The Walteria Mascot was recently awarded gifts by the company for his heroics, when he discovered a burning oven which turned on by itself during a power surge, and again when he discovered a gas leak.  

 Our little hero was awarded a few new toys, as well as his favorite treat which is a chicken breast from KFC.  

 Now Tiny, is a real life hero as well as a story book hero.   Thank You Tiny, and Happy Birthday!   May you have very many more Happy Birthdays!

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ST. LOUIS - The Walteria News Network reports,  Walteria Press os releasing the long awaited Ebook titled, "Tiny Time, Tiny's Little Big Adventure!"   Yes, our ten pound ball of dynamite, is the main character in his first adventure. 

Tiny "Flipyap" Minner-Winston is the center of an interesting, and hilarious crime drama when he finds himself wanted by the mob, The FBI, The KGB, and Scotland Yard! Not for what he did but what he is wearing.    What is he wearing?   You'll have to read the book, on sale for $2.49 US right here.

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     We are announcing a new release at Walteria Records.  Our new single

"Tell Me Straight - 2023 Mix" is now available for sale right here on this website.  See the player for details at the bottom of this page.

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