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  Greetings Walterians:  Now we have on our website...

  Walteria Radio!    You can hear some of our music right here...

   We are also proud to announce that all of Walt Winston's solo catalogue, and that of The Waltles, are Now available for sale. To Get to Walt Winston's Catalog, just click on the search bar for Walt's Releases and you'll be able to access all 55 solo albums Walt created.

     To Access The Waltles catalog just click on the search bar

for Waltles' releases and you will find them as well.

  We will also be adding a special surprise for the fans to enjoy here as well.   

 Our latest album Walt Winston: Live At The Greenfield Harvest Festival, is now available!  A concert recording back in October of 2000, was recently discovered in our Cassette Vault, and to our surprise we didn't realize that these recordings existed, and if they did we had forgotten about the recording completely until its discovery in early April 2022.   Now you can hear the concert and buy the album or some of the singles performed live!

   Here at Walteria Records, we still believe in music albums can be custom made and custom sold   where, every single is available off of every album we sell.  That's been our philosophy, since our website began in the year 2000.   We were the first label to offer music online as well as in person.    Soon, all of our music by our artists will be available for sale and you'll be able to buy the music right here directly!


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