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Welcome To Walteria Records


  Greetings Walterians:  Now we have on our website...

  Walteria Radio!    You can hear some of our music right here...








  ST. LOUIS - Waltles original bassist, Chris Noblin has been laid to

eternal rest on Friday, January 6th, after he passed away in December, after a lengthy illness.  Chris Noblin was one of our greatest musicians this record label had ever known.  Chris was our original bassist with the Folk Rock band The Waltles.  Chris leaves behind a wife, a son and daughter.  He will be missed.  

Welcome to Walteria Records Website!

    We at Walteia Records, are growing and expanding!

 We are opening a new division called Walteria Press.

 We are publishing E-Books, as well as our Walterian

Music!  Our first book is called "Carnival Of Insanity"

You can find and buy the E-Book in our Walteria Press

page of our website.    Makes great Christmas gifts. 

Walt's newest albums "Walt's Greatest Hits Fans Choice 

1 and 2 availble here onsite.   


 St. Louis - Tiny our wonderful mascot has entered a

 contest to win $5,000, but needs your vote!

  To see Tiny see Tiny's Page.  Link will be

 posted to Tiny's contest coming soon!   

   New Book coming to Walteria Press!

 WALTERIA:  A new book is about to be written and will

 be published some time in 2023.  The book may be 

 titled "Tiny Time, Tiny's Little Big Adventure"



       Walteria Records announces three new singles are now available on our ReverbNation artist page.

Those singles are "Knock At My Door", "Before The Fall"

and "Hey, Judy Bunny!"   Two new albums will

coming out in 2023.   The First one is "Give Me An Hour" and the other one will be "Castle Of Solitude"

   Here, at Walteria Records, we still believe in music albums can be custom made and custom sold, where, every single is available off of every album we sell.  That's been our philosophy, since our website began in the year 2000.   We were the first label to offer music online as well as in person.    Soon, all of our music by our artists will be available for sale and now, you're able to buy the music right here directly!


Chris Noblin Tribute
WR001 cover pic.JPG

 Chris Noblin 1973-2022                           Chris on the left as a Waltle in 1993   

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