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This is the website of Walteria Records.

  We at Walteria are growing and expanding, as we opened a new division called Walteria Press in 2022.  Walteria Press is publishing E-Books and you can find those on our website under the

Walteria Press Button on the left side of this page.   

   "Tiny Time: Tiny's Little Big Adventure"

                    COMING SOON!


 The First Tiny Time story will be coming to this website as early as this summer!   Here's a preview of what could be coming.   Details in the News section of this website.


WPBC03 - Tiny Time Tiny's Little Big Adventure_2.jpeg

     We are announcing a new release at Walteria Records.  Our new single

"Rock-A-Bye Dingbat Act 2" is now available for sale right here on this website.  See the player for details at the bottom of this page.

Walteria Radio March

You can get news from the Walteria

News Network by

clicking here.

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