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   The single titled "Time For Love Again" has reached

the Top Ten on ReverbNation's Folk Music Charts peaking at Number 7 spot on March 13th, 2024!

 Globally the single peaked at #9 on the ReverbNation Global Folk Music Charts on March 13th, 2024!   

  We at Walteria Records Appreciate everyone who listened to the new single and are enjoying the music.   We Thank You Very Much!  This is the first time, ever that we had achieved a Major National Hit Single!  We've had chart success with the smaller charts but to land in the Top Ten of a National and a Global Chart like this means a lot to all of us here at Walteria Records.  


 The album is Walt's 60th, 61st, and 62nd Solo album!

 The three albums have 12 tracks as the first two versions have 13 tracks and some of the tracks were originally recorded in the 1980's and are now in completed form on the regular version of this album.  The Overdrive version has singles previously released on I-Tunes to promote this new album

Only the "High Octane" version of this album is coming to I-Tunes and will be available here at a lower price of only $14.98 US!   

 To get to these new albums, just click on the buttons to the right!

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Now you can listen to Walteria Radio and hear

Walt the DJ play music for this month's theme.

Walteria Records has a new distributor!

ST. LOUIS - Walteria Records has made a deal with TuneCorp, to be its new distributor as of January 1st.  The decision was made, when we at Walteria

were not getting any answers from ReverbNation as to why the release of "Caffeine And Nicotine" was delayed for an unreasonable amount of time.

We were hoping the release would've been out in October of last year but when Christmas time was approaching and the album wasn't released to

I-Tunes we had decided to fire ReverbNation and

seek another distributor who would honor our agreement and release said album.   To our delight, we had set January 27th as the new 

release date, and as promised TuneCore delivered

where ReverbNation did not.  We are now reaching the Australia Market for the first time ever.  We are

pleased with TuneCore so far.   We will be releasing some of our oldest albums with TuneCore very soon.

 To get to any product just go to the menu on the left , so if you're looking for a Walt Winston album, click on that link on the left then look for the album you're looking for and click on that album cover picture and you're there.     Also per Walterian Tradition ever since 1988, and single you wish to purchase, you can feel free to purchase only the singles off of any album that you wish to buy, if you don't want to buy the whole album, you won't have to.  You can purchase any single you want, A-La-Carte, as we've allowed our fans or fellow Walterians to do ever since our website first appeared on the internet back in 2000!   It's much easier today to do so than ever.    Enjoy this website, please.  Plenty of music to choose from, recorded fresh from our recording artists! 

News 03-02-24
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