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 A List Of Things                    2009

 "A List Of Things" is Walt Winston's 22nd Solo Album.  

  All Selections were written, recorded, and produced by Walt Winston, and Published by Wally Goat Music (BMI) 2009.

 Titles available are...

 "A List Of Things" 

 "I'll Never Understand - Unemployment"

 "Gotta Get Home"

 "I Thought You Were My Lady"

 "I'm Sailing Away... (2009 Mix)"

 "From A Gentle Icy Breeze"

 "I've Got To Get Away - blended mix"

 "Hands Of Time - complete"

 "Eat And Run - solo mix"

 "Gotta Get Home - solo mix"

 "A List Of Things - alternate take"

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