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   I'm Sailing Away... (1988)

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 "I'm Sailing Away... was Walt's First solo album to be released, under the original label Blue Boat Records.   The album was written in 1987 and recorded in 1988 and released in May of 1988 when Walt's membership into BMI was approved and his publishing company Wally Goat Music was born.

The album was originally released as a cassette with only 100 copies

 produced.   I'm sorry the cassettes are no longer available.

 This album contains 12 tracks and were all written by Walt Winston and Published by Wally Goat Music (BMI) 1988.   Tracks included are...

 "I'm Sailing Away... "

 "Stay Away From Him"

 "How Will I Know"

 "I Just Really Wanna Spend Some Time"

 "Woah Yeah Tomorrow" 

 "Yesterday Is Past"  

 "Every Little Lie"

 "My Tears Are Falling"

 "All I Do (Is Daydream)"

 "Please, Help Me Understand"

 "St. Louis Schoolboy"

 "My Life's A Mess"   


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