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Live: At The Greenfield Harvest Festival

 Walt Winston performed live, at the Greenfield Harvest Festival back in October of 2000.  This album is Walt Winston's 54th Solo Album.  At the time, it was believed that there were no recordings of this concert known to have existed, until now.   The recording of this concert was Walt's First concert ever in California

and he played for about an hour on that afternoon.   There are ten tracks listed here.   This album is available for only $3.98!    

All selections were written by Walt Winston and Published by Wally Goat Music (BMI) 2000.

Titles included are...

"Before The Fall"

"Tell Me Why Can't I Have You"

"Autumn Leaves"

"How Will I Know"

"Is Our Love Really Over"

"Red Sun"

"Toddlers And Puppies"

"Turn The Page"

"Walkin' Down The Highway"

"Why Did You Call Him"

WR530 - Walt Winston - Live At The Greenfield Harvest Festival_1 (2).jpg
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