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 October Surprise                  2012

 "October Surprise" is Walt Winston's 36th Solo Album, and his

 Sixth I-Tunes album after his appearance on the NBC Television   Program "America's Got Talent!"  This album was released on the day of his Third Wedding. On October 27th in 2012, Walt married 

 Christine Girard and the album was released online and several copies were given to select guests at the wedding.  Walt performed

 the song "Have You Seen My Heart?" at the wedding and at America's Got Talent! for Season 7 in St. Louis with Christine on the stage sitting next to the judges, and Walt's son was backstage

 talking to Nick Cannon.  The song was written for Christine as "Their special song"  Walt also performed the single "From This Moment On" at the wedding and the video was put on youtube From The wedding.  

  All Selections were written, recorded, and produced by Walt Winston,    and Published by Wally Goat Music (BMI) 2012

 Titles Available are....

 "Have You Seen My Heart?" 

 "From This Moment On"

 "Sugar Candy Mountain"

 "Truck Drivers Aren't Supposed To Cry"

 "I'm So Crabby"

 "You Chose The Tavern Over Me"

 "The Carolina Barking Spider Song"

 "The Dark Of Night"

 "Dr. Yeah Yeah"

 "I'm So Crabby - Alternate"

 "October Surprise"

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