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" Odds And Ends" is Walt Winston's Sixth solo album.    This album is basically left over material from recording sessions that never made it to previous albums or odd takes of some of the existing material and includes two live performances.   

 All selections written, recorded and produced by Walt Winston.   Published by Wally Goat Music (BMI) 1982# , 1985 ##, 1988*

 **1991, & 2001.  Tracks included are...

 "The End Of The Rainbow" 

 "Black & White - Trio Mix"

 "Black Upon Black"

 "Nobody I Know ##"

 "Honey Won't You Tell Me?"

 "Why Did You Call Him?  - Fast Mix"  ##

 "The Way That You Do" # - Original mix

 "You Can't Live Here" - duet

 "Knock At My Door" *** - Live

 "I'm Sailing Away..." * - Live

 "Black & White" - duet mix

 Odds And Ends

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