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 One Way Justice                  2009

"One Way Justice" is Walt Winston's 19th Solo Album and

 was recorded in 2009 just after he got off of the road as a

 truck driver.   

   All selections were written, recorded, and produced by 

 Walt Winston, and Published by Wally Goat Music (BMI) 2009.     Titles Available are...

 "One Way Justice"

 "These Times Are Trying"

 "I'll Be Taking My Seque"

 "This Was A Mistake Somehow"

 "My Oh My, I'm In Love"

 "Tell Me Why The Caged Bird Sings"

 "I See Nuts And Weirdows"

 "I'll Be Taking My Seque - Wild mix"

 "I've Got To Get Away - blended mix"

 Where Art Thou Now - ballad mix"

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