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 Paper People          (2000) 


 "Paper People" was Walt's Third Solo album and the cover was designed to   be like a newspaper, even though Walt worked in Broadcasting as a radio personality/reporter.   He got the idea from a John Lennon album cover and tried to do the same thing.  All selections were written, recorded, and Produced by Walt Winston and Published by  Wally Goat Music (BMI)

  1982, 1993, 1998, & 2000.    Tracks here are....

 "Paper People" 

 "Man Of Many Faces" 

 "Why Did You Call Him?"

 "Rainbow Jack"

 "(March Of The) Paper People"

 "Granny's Gone Postal!" 

 "Cemetery Park"

 "In This World Of Ours"

 "Now Is The Time"

 "Down And Dirty"

 "You Can't Live Here"


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