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 Party Of One                      2022

 "Party Of One" will be Walt Winston's 53rd solo album.  This album is now available right here so far.   Be the first to listen to and buy this new album!

We've got a great deal for you here.... get it here for only $7.98!   

All Selections written, recorded, and produced by Walt Winston and 

Published by Wally Goat Music (BMI) 2022.

Tracks included are...

"Could, Would, Can't, Won't"

"Party Of One"

"In This World Of Ours"

"What Is This World Coming To?"

"Run Run Run"

"Pawprints - Video Mix"

"Death Wish Fairy"

"Pawprints- original take"

"Wanted By The FBI"

"Broken Child"

"A Puppy's Journey"  

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