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 Silver & Paper                         2006

 "Silver & Paper" was a 25th Anniversary solo album celebrating 25 years of Walt Winston as a performer, as well as a musician and singer songwriter.   Silver & Paper is Walt's 12th solo album.   Although he started his song writing career in 1977, he really didn't pursue his music career until 1981 when he finally got his first guitar and started performing in the halls of his High School, Mehlville Sr. High   School just south of St. Louis.   All selections on this album were written, recorded, and  produced by Walt Winston, and Published by Wally Goat Music (BMI) from  1988-2006.

  titles on this album include...

 "Woah Yeah Tomorrow"

 "All I Do (Is Daydream) "

 "My Tears Are Falling"

 "I'm Sailing Away..."

 "Knock At My Door"

 "Walking Down The Highway"

 "When I Have The Time, I Never Seem To Have The Money"

 "Is Our Love Really Over?"

 "Black Upon Black"

 "A Little Birdie Told Me"

 "Paper People"

 "The Final Goodbye"

 "The Banana Song"

 "Puppy Farm"

 "To The Woman That I Love"

 "Sugar Candy Mountain"

 "America Is Right"

 "Good Morning World"

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