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  All I Do (Is Daydream)   1985

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 "All I Do (Is Daydream) was Walt's first professional Studio Recording and it was on an EP 45 Record under a plain label using Walt's Birth name of Walter Gaal.  As this was Walt's first attempt at starting a record label, Walt was caught completely off guard with the whole process, but nonetheless, he was determined to make his label Blue Boat Records work and he learned a lot about the music business by the time his first album was recorded.  At the time that this EP was recorded, Walt was unaware that he needed to be listed with a Performing Rights Organization in order to get airplay of his music, and in 1987, Walt then applied to be a part of BMI, and his membership was finally approved in April of 1988, as a writer and as a Publisher, Wally Goat Music was born in Early 1988.

   Note: The EP 45-RPM Records in vynyl, are no longer available for sale or distribution.  


Selections included are 

  "All I Do (Is Daydream) 

  "Red Sun" 

  "My Tears Are Falling"

  Woah Yeah Tomorrow"  

   All selections were written        by Walter Gaal / Walt Winston 

  Published by Wally Goat       Music (BMI)  1988. 

(P) 1985, 1988.

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