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Black Upon Black          2001


 Black Upon Black was released in 2001, and celebrates it's 20th Anniversary right now.   The album is basically about moods and depression, hence the title.   I'm offering a special on this album.   You can get the original music for only $6.99!

  All selections were written, recorded, and produced By Walt Winston and   Published by  Wally Goat Music (BMI) 1994, 200, & 2001.

  Tracks included are... 

 "Black Upon Black"

 "A Little Birdie Told Me" 

 "I Don't Know Why"


 "Woe Is Me"

 "After The Flowers Die" 

 "I'm Sailing Away... Revisited"

 "If You Only Knew" 

 "Depression Like A Thief"

 "I Know Why, You're So Down"

 "You Can't Live Here - Overdub"


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