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 XII - Twelve                          2011

 "XII" is Walt Winston's 34th Solo Album, and his

 Fourth I-Tunes album after his appearance on the NBC Television   Program "America's Got Talent!"  This is an all acoustic album.

  All Selections were written, recorded, and produced by Walt Winston,    and Published by Wally Goat Music (BMI) 2011

 Titles Available are....

 "Have You Seen My Heart?"

 "Truck Drivers Aren't Supposed To Cry"

 "Do You Remember?"

 "Four Times Upon A Time"

 "Every Little Lie"

 "Ferret In The Closet"

 "When You're Not There"

 "All I Do Is Daydream"

 "I'm Happy That's Why"

 "Sugar Candy Mountain"

 "Have You Seen My Heart - Solo Mix"


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