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 I'm Sailing Away... 35th Anniversary                   1988 - 2023

 "I'm Sailing Away... 35th Anniversary" is Walt Winston's 59th Solo Album, and his Ninth I-Tunes album after his appearance on the NBC Television Program "America's Got Talent!"  

  All Selections were written, recorded, and produced by Walt Winston, and Published by Wally Goat Music (BMI) 1988, 2023

 Titles Available are....

 "I'm Sailing Away..."

 "Stay Away From Him"

 "How Will I Know"

 "I Just (Really) Wanna Spend Some Time"

 "Woah Yeah Tomorrow"

 "Yesterday Is Past"

 "Every Little Lie"

 "My Tears Are Falling"

 "All I Do (Is Daydream)"

 "Please Help Me Understand"

 "St. Louis Schoolboy"

 "My Life's A Mess"

 "Red Sun - Special Bonus Track"

 "Knock At My Door - 2013 Mix"

 "I'm Sailing Away...1988 mix"

 "I'm Sailing Away...2021 Trio Mix"


WR620 - I'm Sailing Away...35th Anniversary Edition - Walt Winston_1 (2).jpg
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